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The topical use of cannabis blows my mind. We look at this plant and it has so many different medicinal properties, and different methods of use. But this one is so special.


What blows my mind about topicals, is you can take advantage of this plant’s medicine, feel relief from pain, feel your muscles relax, but without any consumption at all. No smoking, vaping, dabbing, eating, and no psychoactive high. Because being high isn’t for everyone, and it’s not for all the time. This method is truly non-invasive, non-scary, and very effective.


I worked in a medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon before cannabis became legal recreationally, and continued to after legalization. I encountered so many folks who had zero experience with using cannabis whatsoever, but were very familiar with all the stigma’s surrounding cannabis and it’s users. However they had also heard about how cannabis could help them with their arthritis, anxiety, sleep, appetite, and so on. Two things were for sure, they were scared of cannabis, but they were also curious.


Topicals were a window to the divine valley of all the healing qualities of cannabis, where pain relief was so simple. Unlike other uses of cannabis, topicals don’t involve consumption. You don’t smoke them, you don’t eat them, you just rub them on your skin. This non-invasive use of the plant showed the healing powers of cannabis in a non scary way, so they could be opened up to other uses of cannabis, and other ways it could help them. As time went on, folks were getting relief from more than their joint and shoulder pain - they were eating edibles and having the best sleeps of their lives, and smoking joints and drinking less wine, and genuinely loving life. 


My experiences working with people using cannabis as medicine has inspired me to my core. Seeing cannabis transform someone’s life, fills my heart with happiness. This plant is truly magical. 


* topicals: lotions, salves, balms, products you use on your skin *

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