my story

 Thanks so much for visiting High Priestess Botanica! I created my shop to share my passion for plant based beauty and bath products infused with CBD that truly nourish your skin.

I’ve struggled with my skin at various points in my life, and found that the harsh chemicals and the synthetic ingredients in most mainstream skin care products only create short term solutions with more problems down the line. Those types of products use ingredients that are tested on animals, and harmful to your skin and the environment. I really believe in my products, and they have made a huge difference for my skin and the way I feel about myself.

 All of my ingredients are ethically sourced from organic farms and processors, and support small farms and fair trade whenever possible.

 I’ve spent the past 5 years working with cannabis in Oregon. My experience has been diverse and incredibly eye opening. I have spent my time apprenticing under herbalists, working directly with medical patients and consumers, as well as growing cannabis, and being an avid user myself. I have always been the most amazed at the positive impact that the topical use of cannabis has had on so many peoples lives. This is a great, non-invasive way, for people to be enlightened to the healing benefits of the cannabis plant. By simply applying CBD to the skin, users experience reduced inflammation, pain relief, muscle relaxation, and improvement of a variety of skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, scarring, and aging. I am so passionate about cannabis, and inspired by its healing qualities.  

 My mission is to handcraft CBD infused skin care and bath products that are plant based, environmentally responsible, not tested on animals, and are incredibly healing for your skin. 

  Feel free to ask any and all questions! Sharing my creations with you is my passion, and I love talking to you all and helping you find the perfect products to make you feel like the goddess that you are.